The Goddess as the ancient Greek women saw her

Medusa: The Story

Medusa: Homer and Hesiod

Medusa: The Earliest Image

Medusa: The Questions

The Rhodian Medusa I

Rhodian Medusa II

The Comb: an Image of the Goddess

Introduction: The Problem

Chapter 1. What is a Symbol

Chapter 2. The Beginning

Chapter 3. The Power of Transformation

Chapter 4:1. Gaia’s Hair

Chapter 4:2 Our Planet Gaia: A Different Perspective

Chapter 5. The Goat that is a Comb

My Chronology is all Wrong

Chapter 6. The Combs of Wood: the Anthropomorphic Tree

Chapter 7. The Combs of Wood: the Cosmic Tree

Chapter 8. Crouching Tiger

Chapter 9. Climate Changes and . . .

Chapter 10. What Pottery Symbolizes

Chapter 11. Mother Earth?

Chapter 12. Child of Water

Chapter 13. Fire and Why Potters Made Useless Combs of Pottery

Chapter 14.  Vesta and the Circle of Fire

Chapter 15. Vesta and the Phallus of Fire

Chapter 16. Combs of Bronze or the Fascination with Metal

Chapter 17. The Smith: God of Male Fertility

Chapter 18. The Dark Side of Transformation


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