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Fire and Why Potters Made Useless Combs of Pottery

Fire transforms the fragile clay object into a nearly indestructible container. In the same way as the jar contains water or cereal, the future mother is a container. Thus, when the potter combs her vases or decorates them with combs or makes useless combs of pottery for the dead, she at the same time symbolizes the Goddess who combs her flaxen hair of nettles and will transform the dead in her womb like the fire transforms the fragile clay into a durable jar.


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Mother Earth?

Does Mother Earth exist? Some historian of religions say no. Well, not as a physical figure, but . . .

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What Pottery Symbolizes

The introduction to what the Pottery being a part of the Earth symbolizes.

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Climate Changes and . . .

We find it strange to believe that if the climate had not become stable in the last twelve thousand years, there would have been no agriculture, no metal working, no civilization as we know it.
The oldest pottery after the Ice Age, 13 000 years ago, comes from Eastern Siberia, southern China and northern Japan. Some of the pots from all three places have been combed. 9 000 years later, potters on the island of Cyprus made combs of ceramic.

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Sorry, Chronology is all Wrong

Homo erectus began extracting fibers and bast from plants c. 850 000 years ago. C. 500 000 years ago they may have used nets. The pottery found in the kiln in Dolní Vestonice is too advanced to be the earliest one.

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Our Planet Gaia: A Different Perspective

Thirty-thousand years ago, a potter imbued some of her figurines with her feelings about Gaia, our mother, the Earth. In their heads she inserted blond nettle-hair: Gaia’s hair and female sexuality.

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